Prince in Disguise by Stephanie Kate Strohm

prince in disguiseOh my goodness I cannot stress enough how adorable this sweet book is! If you are looking for something lighthearted to end the year on, Prince in Disguise is the perfect fantasy-romp for you.

One of my favorite parts of this book is the setting. Who wouldn’t want to escape into the majestic moors of Scotland for a romantic getaway? Strohm does an excellent job immersing you in the setting, with glittering prose that just begs you to buy a one-way ticket to Scotland to experience it all for yourself. I love books that allow me to escape to places I can’t [currently] afford to visit.

I also loved the reality TV angle. It was so ridiculous, just like a reality tv show, and I thought it was a hilairous angle to follow. Was it a bit cheesy? Absolutely. Did I love it as much as I love real cheese? Yes, yes I did. I feel like this is a story that’s unafraid to be a little cheesy, and I respect that. It doesn’t try to hard to be something it’s not. Instead, it’s just an adorkable love story that is fabulous.

Dylan and Dusty are about as different as night and day, but they’re both strong female characters. Dylan, because she stays true to who she is no matter the pressure to conform around her; and Dusty because man that girl is a freaking tornado of a go-getter. If she wants something NOTHING is going to stand in her way. I may have liked Dylan more as someone I’d want to hang out with in real life, but I definitely admired Dusty’s attitude and work ethic to achiever her goals.

And of course, no love story review would be complete without some mention of the primary love interest… Oh Jamie… Jamie Jamie Jamie. I swear, that boy could charm the pants off a watermelon. He was absolutely the perfect love interest for Dylan (and for me!) and I adored how geeky he was. From the first time you meet him he’s just slinging around obscure literary references and I was in love immediately.

If you want to giggle in delight as you turn pages, Prince in Disguise is the perfect book for you. End 2017 on a good note and order this book right now!

Rating: 5/5 stars 

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