Greetings from Witness Protection! By Jake Burt

greetingsIf you are looking for a FANTASTIC middle grade read to end your year with, this is a great choice! It’s a heartwarming adventure story that involves kleptomania, witness protection, nerdy gamer friends, a deadbeat dad, and all the trappings that truly make family family.

Nicki Demere is an orphan with quick fingers she knows how to use. But when she gets pegged to help save a family in witness protection by joining them in hiding, her life gets turned upside down. She may just be getting a real family after all, but is it worth having to keep so many secrets?

I liked the focus on fitting in vs. standing out. What middle school student doesn’t struggle with finding that perfect balance? Of course, most teens aren’t facing the task of keeping an entire family off the radar so that they can live to see another day. Yeah, not many kids have that problem on their hands, making blending in crucial.

This was such a poignant tale of friendship and family, and it’s wrapped up in an exciting adventure story that is sure to entertain readers of all ages.

Rating: 5/5 stars

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