Bellweather Rhapsody by Kate Racculia

“Though maybe that’s all life ever is. Unimaginable, until it’s happening to you.”

Bellweather Rhapsody… 

I don’t even know where to begin with this book.
This book was phenomenal. Very gripping. Twists and turns abound. It’s about this girl who accidentally witnesses a murder-suicide of the newly married couple in room 712 of the Bellweather Hotel. Fifteen years later, on the anbellweatherrhapsodyniversary of that tragic event, the girl, Millie, goes back to face her demons at last. But on the night of the anniversary, a high school student staying in room 712 during a Statewide music festival, announces that her roommate has committed suicide in the exact same way the bride from Millie’s nightmares did – by hanging herself with a fluorescent orange extension cord. The only issue is that when the police investigate the room there’s no body, just a note that reads, “Now she is mine.”

I was hooked from page one because this novel moves fast. I felt like I read it in one giant burst, as though I didn’t start breathing again until I had turned the last page and unraveled the final mysteries. But the best part for me is that this isn’t a book that relies on cheap horror tricks to keep readers interested. In fact, it isn’t even particularly frightening. There are a few shocking gasp-inducing moments, but nothing to give me nightmares (something that isn’t even hard to do). Instead of being terrifying this is more of a thriller – it kept me guessing until the very end, and Racculia ties up the loose ends there’s a  huge amount of satisfaction in seeing all the many moving pieces fit together.

It’s heavy, but playful; full a suspense and still almost leisurely at times. A stunning balance between light and dark. Poignant and moving, Bellweather Rhapsody is sure to hit you straight in the heart from page one. and once it sinks its teeth into you, trust me, you’re sunk.

I can’t wait to see what Kate Racculia releases next. Either way, this was a killer novel (I refuse to apologize for the pun, so don’t even bother asking).

Rating: 712/5 stars (I dare you not to get it)

Overall Reaction: “This book is freaking insane and I love every single second of it. Please give me more.”

Post Script: I love how this book is arranged like a symphony, with the cast and the sections all laid out clearly in the table of contents. It’s been a long time since I’ve actually loved a table of contents enough to want to mention it, but this one is something special. It just goes to show the extreme level of detail that went into this novel. It really shows on every page. There isn’t a word in this book that wasn’t carefully chosen, and that’s part of what makes it impossible to put down.


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