Waiting on Wednesday: Six of Crows Box Set


I know. I know. I need to stop talking about Leigh Bardugo.

Wait… No I don’t.

 Why would I ever do that? 

I’m totally #sorrynotsorry you guys, but once again my #WaitingOnWednesday is dedicated to the Queen of fantasy-not-set-in-a-European-esque-setting. I can’t help myself. You’ve heard the news. You know what I’m talking about.


Heck freaking yes.

need this in my life. I have an ARC of Six of Crows and I’ve been lusting after the gorgeous hardcover edition ever since I bought it for my best friend for Christmas and then immediately wanted to keep it and covet it as my own. And now I finally finally have an excuse to tell my husband when I buy it… I’m buying it for the special added features and for Crooked Kingdom, which I do NOT already have. See?? Totally legit, right?


Well, it may not convince the hubs, but it is all the thinly-legitimate-excuse I need. The second I saw this set, I called my brother-in-law (who owes me a favor to be paid in books) and had him pre-order it for me (this is why, whenever possible, I always try to get my favors owed to me in books). So yeah. Now I’m just waiting.

And waiting.

And w a i t i n g. 

Ugh, I have SIX boxes packed up right now JUST full of books on my TBR. Books I HAVE NOT EVEN READ YET. And still I HATE waiting for new books to come out that I want to read.

TALK TO ME: Anyone else despise waiting for pre-orders to come in even when you already have a huge TBR pile to get through? Please tell me it’s not just me!




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