Waiting on Wednesday [Post BEA Edition]

Crooked Kingdom

It’s sort of hard to talk about wanting any books when you just came back from Book Expo America. But of course, like any good booknerd, there are always books that I want. So today’s [semi-late] Waiting on Wednesday is going to focus on the ONE BOOK I didn’t grab while at BEA. Well, really it was just a sampler. But still. I had originally planned to go to Leigh Bardugo’s signing on Thursday, but then there were just so many other things that I wanted to see and do, and the line was incredibly long (even the front of the line pass line was ridiculous), so I ended up skipping it. Which is a big deal for me, because I absolutely LOVE Leigh, and I think it would have been spectacular to meet her and to get my hands on that Crooked Kingdom sampler. But alas, sometimes life gets in the way of itself, you know?

So now I don’t have the sampler and I am CHOMPING AT THE BIT over how gorgeous this book looks. I NEED IT. I WANTS IT. NOW.

TALK TO ME: What are you waiting on this week? 


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