The Dragon’s Price by Bethany Wiggins


There is no other word that can make me run to a book like that one.

So I was more than a little disappointed to find out that dragons are not major players in this book. Also, they’re totally evil killing machines who never explain themselves. Why do the dragons have to be so awful? DRAGONS ARE AWESOME! Dragons have secret depths of knowledge we humans cannot even begin to understand. They are wise. And yes, sometimes they’re cunning and cruel, but always in the best possible way (think Smaug). The dragons in The Dragon Price are not cunning and cruel in the best possible way – they are blunt and to the point and kind of not that intelligent when you think about it, which makes them way easier to kill than they should be, considering they supposedly have survived this long without letting a human make a fool of them. I wanted a super-intelligent snarky-like-Sherlock kind of dragon and got a blunt-come-out-from-where-you’re-hiding-so-I-can-eat-you-because-that-is-all-I-care-about kind of dragon. #notcool

Despite this oversight, there were some things that I did enjoy about this book:

  • Golmarr is a sweet little badass who is clearly too good for Sorrowlynn but likes her anyways (which I didn’t really understand, but still thought was cool of him). I wished the whole story had been written from Golmarr’s point of view because I think that would have made it way more exciting than it way. He also treats her with tons of respect and acts like he truly sees her as an equal, which again, was probably more than she deserved, but was very cool and progressive of him.
  • There are dragons. I know, I know, I was just complaining about the dragons, but I’m still glad that there were dragons at all. Not enough fantasy gives dragons a part to play, which is just a crying shame.
  • The whole transference principal is interesting, and I could definitely see how this book was setting up a whole series of books on the subject.
  • The ending was intriguing, and made me want to read the next book just to find out what happens next.

Unfortunately, Sorrowlynn’s personality was a dud, and way too much of this book is just her and Golmarr traipsing through caves and climbing through mountains and basically not doing much of anything. It needed way more action to keep it moving along. I was frankly bored in several places and very sorely tempted to skip ahead (it’s a miracle I didn’t).

Now, this may have just been a case of preference. I don’t think the writing style is bad, and I think there will be many who enjoy this book. But for me, it just wasn’t great. I felt like this was a “meh” read for me, when I was really expecting an amazing incredible fabulous read.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

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