Reading Spotlight: The Riders Duology by Vernoica Rossi

Riders and Seeker.pngI’ll be honest. This duology was a total #coverbuy situation for me. They are so freaking gorgeous that OF COURSE I had to read them. Don’t look at me like that – you know you do it too.

But I am so glad that these caught my eye and that the kind folks over at Macmillan were able to send me a set for review. Becuase GUYS you need these books in your collection. It’s the freaking FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE for goodness sake!

These are classic quest-fantasy stories, and I think that’s what I loved most about them –  their journey in both stories is so exciting! I had a blast traveling along with Daryn to find the horsemen in Riders. We get to meet Gideon (war), who is strangely cool for someone with MAJOR anger issues, Sebastian (famine), who is my absolute favorite little doll baby, Marcus (death), who is also fairly angry all the time, and Jode (conquest), who was probably my second favorite because he’s british and kind and adorable.

They have some epic battles at the end (I won’t spoil anything for you) and then the plot takes off again in Seeker, with a new quest bringing them all togehter. Because the ending of Riders TORE MY HEART INTO SHREDS AND BEAT IT INTO THE GROUND, I was so excited to dive into Seeker and see some of my heartbreak get resolved finally. Because, OMG, how much can a girl take, amiright??

The bad guy, Samrael, was incredibly interesting and I could have read whole books just about him to be honest. His story line definitely made me tear up towards the end (why do I always love the dark ones???).

We get to meet some fun new characters in book two, and the whole story kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end. But the best part was that the ending is just perfect. Seriously, it ties everything up so so well, which is hard to do when you’ve only got two books to flesh everything out in, but Rossi really pulled it off.

If you want an exciting new world to get sucked into, this is the duology for you!

Rating: 4.5/5 stars 



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