One Hundred Spaghetti Strings by Jen Nails

I loved this book so much that I ran out and pre-ordered myself a hardback copy the second I finished reading it. It is such a cute and heartfelt read – the kind of middle grade that is just begging to be read by anyone and everyone (seriously, I cannot think of a single person who would not enjoy some aspect of this story).

Steffy is a freaking BA narrator – she may be young but she GETS life, and I felt instantly connected to her. Plus, she’s a budding chef and that made her all the more interesting. There’s a recipe at the beginning of every chapter (Who could resist such a wonderful design element?) and she is constantly cooking something new. I was hungry the entire time I was reading!


Every character in this book is unique – I loved Steffy, of course, but I also couldn’t get enough of Aunt Gina. Steffy’s parents aren’t around much. Her dad is dealing with emotional issues and can’t seem to be there for his daughters, while their mom has to live in a nursing home because she suffered a traumatic brain injury when Steffy was little. Despite this, Steffy still wants to have an authentic relationship with both of her parents, and I especially found it endearing how she used food and cooking to try and connect with her mom. Aunt Gina is definitely the parental unit though, and she seems like the kind of Aunt everyone wishes they had around growing up. Since I have an Aunt like that, I definitely related. She was awesome, and like I said, I just couldn’t get enough of her!

This entire book was devourable from start to finish, and the recipes are amazing (I love that the book includes recipes for you to actually make at home once you’re done reading!). This is one middle grade book that I KNOW I’ll be picking up again and again and again.

Rating: 5/5 stars

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