How to Catch a Killer by Sheryl Scarborough


There isn’t anything I love more than a book that hooks you from page one and doesn’t let go.

That’s how I felt about How to Catch a Killer.

Even though thrillers and mysteries aren’t really my usual cup o’ tea, when I was approached about reading and reviewing this book I just felt like I should say yes.

I’m really glad that I did…

I should start by saying that the only reason this isn’t getting an even higher rating from me is because I saw the ending coming about 100 miles away. No, seriously, I told my husband who the killer was about 3 chapters in, and I was spot on. If that hadn’t felt so obvious to me, I would have probably given this book a full 5 stars, because it really is such a fast and fun read.

I LOVED all of the forensic details, I thought Erin was a great narrator, and the mystery was solid fun (just not as mysterious as I would have liked). The chemistry between Erin and Journey was very well-balanced, and I felt like they had a slow build up to a really great romance. As for the other supporting characters… Victor was probably the only one that I truly LOVED. He was amazing, and I wish he had been a part of the story from the beginning (though, in a way, through his writing, he was). I’m so glad that he was able to join in the hunt for the killer, because he’s hilarious and wonderful and I just adored him to pieces.

This book truly has a very old-school mystery-novel vibe that I actually really loved. It was thrilling without being nightmare-inducing and quirky in all the right places. I felt like I really was back reading a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys mystery. It jolted me right out of a reading slump because it was so fun, and I would definitely read a sequel if there is one!

Rating: 4/5 stars

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