Click’d by Tamara Ireland Stone

33785212This is such a great book! Allie is a girl with a mission – she’s focused and driven and incredibly smart and talented, but more than that she’s also dedicated to seeing her work completed. I love that. I love that she’s a protagonist I can truly get behind – this is a girl kids (and adults) can look up to! She doesn’t give up when things get hard. She isn’t a quitter. And, in my opinion, that’s the example people need these days. We need more people who don’t give up. More people who go after their dreams with focused determination, despite the inevitable setbacks that come with pursuing them.

I loved the everything about this story – the coding stuff was incredibly cool and made me wish that I had taken coding classes back in the day, and the games Allie and her friends designed were pretty freaking awesome too. I would totally play them (especially Built – that game sounds so fun­).

One thing I really liked is that there isn’t really a central romance at all. Instead, Click’d focuses on friendships and the ways in which they grow, change, and begin. It’s always refreshing to find a contemporary that doesn’t focus on romance.

This book is a very quick read – the dialogue and prose flow so effortlessly that it is impossible not to fly through it. Sometimes, especially with MG, the prose can be a bit stilted (with the author trying too hard to get down to a younger reader’s level), so it is so refreshing to read a middle grade read that is actually smart and easy to get through. I will definitely be recommending this to young and old readers alike.

Rating: 5/5 stars

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