5 Reasons The Tony Awards NEED #BlackThomasJefferson

black thomas jefferson

So, you may have heard of this little musical called Hamilton. It’s only the greatest thing to hit a Broadway stage since ever. If you don’t know much about it, you can do yourself a favor and watch this awesome video about it. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

There are about a million and twelve reasons to love Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s incredible creation, but today, I’m just going to talk about one, very very important reasons. BLACK. THOMAS. JEFFERSON.

If you didn’t know, Hamilton is littered with amazing actors of all different ethnicities and backgrounds, and the rap-spinning-PRO, Daveed Diggs plays General Lafayette AND (most importantly) Thomas Jefferson (yes, THAT Thomas Jefferson – founding father, slave-owner, and President Thomas Jefferson). He has some of the greatest songs/raps in the whole play, but his song, What’d I Miss, is just about the greatest of all songs. Because of this, it’s an obvious choice for the Hamiltune to be performed at The Tony Awards this June. The world needs Black Thomas Jefferson. Here’s why:

1. The Oscars were an all-white affair, so The Tonys need to step up and showcase diverse America with #BlackThomasJefferson. After the uproar over The Oscars lacking any diversity at all, it’s only natural for The Tonys to show the world of award shows how it’s done by spotlighting the incredible diverse cast of Hamilton, especially Daveed Digg as Thomas Jefferson. Take that, Oscars!

thomas jefferson gif

2. Daveed Diggs is the swankiest founding father of them all – look at these sweet dance moves! Seriously, who better to dance his way into America’s heart and collective consciousness than this well-dressed, swoon-worthy political savant.

thomas jefferson gif 3

3. #BlackThomasJefferson has verbal voracity that is second to NONE. Have you heard the cabinet rap battles?!?! They are OFF THE HOOK. But the thing is, everyone knows the cabinet battles. What they need to hear now is the sultry seduction that is What’d I miss? There’s still a heavy dose of verbal virtuosity, but it’s interspersed in a more subtle way here – there’s plenty of clever wordplay but you have to really listen to get the full measure of genius hidden within this song.

daveed diggs

4. The world needs to revel in a Thomas Jefferson who represents modern day American values. Diversity is a big deal in this day and age, and who better to represent that diversity than the founding father who a) tried to disband slavery in his original draft of The Declaration of Independence and b) is notorious for having a very long affair with his slave (half-sister to his belated wife), Sally Hemmings. Come on, world, “you simply must meet Thomas… Thomas!

thomas jefferson gif 2

5. #BlackThomasJefferson has the power to unite the colonies – I mean, the, United States – as one. Daveed Diggs was born in California (the west coast), went to school at Brown in Rhode Island (the east coast/the north), and now he’s playing a founding father from Virginia (the south). Everyone can feel loved and represented while watching Daveed sing and dance his heart out!

thomas jefferson gif 5

In closing, if you want to know the answer to the question, “What’d I miss?” the answer is #BlackThomasJefferson in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton: An American Musical. Join with me and campaign for #BlackThomasJefferson at the 2016 Tony Awards!


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