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So, you made it this far, did you? Thanks, I really appreciate you. I’m sure that you’re a wonderful, fascinating, and genuinely AWESOME individual. Allow me to introduce myself…

  1. I’m Caitlin, a 20-something trying to get by in this crazy, ridiculous world we call home.
  2. I’m a great reader of books, and I’ll talk your ear off about good literature any day of the week (I have people who will vouch for this).
  3. Despite all odds, spending more time reading as a child than playing with other kids somehow didn’t stop me from always being the loudest, most talkative person in any room, much to the exasperation of my loved ones.
  4. As I’ve grown up I’ve developed an increasingly deep fondness for beat poetry, Shakespeare, travel, and food. I’ve been told often that I talk too much, read too much, write too much and love too much  – which I think means I’m doing everything right.
  5. After all, what’s the point of life if you aren’t living it to the fullest? I look forward to every day, to experiencing new things, and to figuring out what works for me (hipster glasses, a never-ending TBR stack, and a geeky husband who can almost rival me in the reading department) and what doesn’t (jumpers, make-up, and binge-watching netflix during my freetime).
  6. True love for me is lounging around the house in various states of disarray, glasses on and a book (or three) in hand. Just ask my husband; he’ll tell you that I would much rather sit around in my ugliest clothes reading and eating junk food than doing pretty much anything else (it’s one of the reasons we’re so well-matched to each other).
  7. I LOVE books that can make me cry, and therefore I confuse people often by crying uncontrollably through a book and then raving about how much I loved it. I can’t help it – I just think a book that can move me is a book everyone should read.
  8. The thrill of reading an ARC never gets old, and I love working in editing so that I’m able to meet awesome people who work in publishing and are willing to send me amazing review copies, and I’m always willing to offer up my honest opinion in a review (so if you have an ARC you think I’d like, feel free to connect with me).
  9. YA is my jam, and I will never stop fighting for its right to be represented along more traditional canonical works in college English departments around the world. We should be using YA and Children’s lit to teach our young people, instead of trashing it as “popular fiction” (Dickens was once considered popular fiction too, after all).

Anyway, keep reading on, my friends! May we meet at a nice bookstore while grappling over the same new release.

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